It's Complicated!
It's Complicated!
It's Complicated!
It's Complicated!
It's Complicated!

It's Complicated!

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A Hella Irreverent Dive Into Intersectionality Identity And Faith

YO! It’s some strange days we've been living in, huh? It can be super disorienting.

If you’re like us, a good number of the norms and institutions you looked to came crashing down. It left us with a lot of questions. Now, we don't claim to have ALL the answers, but we’ve got a few things that can help reorient yourselves.

We aim to walk through Social Identity Theory in light of our faith. We will introduce new ideas and demystify old concepts as it relates to social justice in the Bible. To be specific; the ideas of intersectionality, critical race theory, feminism, and allyship.

We are not presenting these ideas as the only correct way to understand the world, but in more as one of many ways to understand and move oneself to be a better neighbor. We will also give some practical social experiments one could do with themselves after the series is over; tasks for which the participants can take back to their leadership teams to do and further develop a fuller sense of empathy across racial and gender lines.

You up for it?! Vamos!

In an 8-part videos series, join Alma and Prop on our red couch in Long Beach CA. We take turns dropping truth bombs and being hella vulnerable about faith, blackness, latinx, poverty and gender roles.

We will use and define a gang of big words to help make sense of yourself and ultimately become better neighbors to the people around you. Although this content is highly academic, it's communicated in the down to earth, comedic, irreverent way that only Prop and Alma can bring. Laugh, cry, learn. Let's ride!

In conjunction with your video experience, you’ll receive the It’s complicated workbook. The workbook is designed to help you or your group follow along with the content. It will highlight and define some of the vocabulary words, guide y’all on some follow-up activities and ask yourselves profound questions. We want this stuff to sink in deep. Get this work!

  • 8 Video Lessons
    Led by Alma and Prop.
  • Class Workbook
    Includes a workbook to help you master the materials.
  • Ready When You Are
    Learn anywhere with the on-demand, digital course. At home, or on the go—it’s your call.