Get Started

Here is a short summary to explain where to start and go next as to ensure the smoothest and easiest experience for you. 

We have three different video series that you might have purchased or possibly purchased all of them. Finding Calm, How To Be and Finding Your Way is out now. You will receive an email right after you purchased that grants you access to the video dashboard where you will find the videos.


Video Dashboard

Simply head over to and sign into your workshop. Check your email or junk mail because this email contains your password to access the video dashboard and is coming from this email address -

If you don't see the email, go here to resend your password

If you have any other issues with your videos please contact us here.


T-shirts and Other Merch

Our merch is printed on-demand and takes 3-5 business days to be fulfilled, but could take up to 7 business days, in rare cases. Thanks for your patience. We have tried to be clear on the fit of T-shirt sizes, please be aware that you are printing it on-demand and cannot return/exchange.

Thanks again! So excited for you all who are going to experience this.